Creamy Protein Shake: My Favorite Fat Bomb

I previously posted a blog entitled, "Keto Milk Shake Fat Bomb" was focused on making tasty ketogenic ice cream. It doubled as a fat bomb for those that struggle to hit their calorie count while doing a high fat diet. I wanted to post a variation on that which is quicker to make, easier to eat, and get's you more fat for less volume. I have come to call this simply my "Creamy Protein Shake" recipe.

What you will need

  • One cup of heavy whipping cream
  • Two tablespoons of Erythritol
  • One quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One serving of protein powder (Optional)
  • A quarter cup of almond milk, milk, or just water

What you do

Sweeten the heavy whipping cream

Begin by sweetening one cup of heavy whipping cream. To do this bring some heavy cream to a boil over the stove top and add in two tablespoons of Erythritol. Allow this to boil for 3 minutes and continue to stir for the entire duration. You will likely need to raise the pan off of the stove at times to allow the boiling cream to settle back down as it will have a tendency to boil over the edge. Make sure to maintain the boiling for at least 3 minutes to avoid the gritty texture of undissolved Erythritol in the final product.

Mix in the other ingredients

After this pour the mixture into a large glass and add a serving of your favorite low carb or no carb protein powder, a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a quarter cup of either almond milk, milk, or water. Stir this thoroughly and weight for it to cool. Now drink to your fat bomb satisfaction!

So what are the macros?

The macronutrient makeup will look something like this depending on the exact products you used:

  • 1000 calories
  • 90g fat
  • 10g carb
  • 40g protein
  • Keto ratio: ~2:1
If you feel like you are getting too much protein and need a true fat bomb then skip the protein powder and you will get a macronutrient makeup that looks closer to the following:
  • 850
  • 80g fat
  • 6g carb
  • 5g protein
  • Keto ratio: 8:1

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