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Static Websites Can Be Progressive Single Page Applications

The word 'static' often has negative connotations. It can be used to describe something as limited and rigid. A 'static website' is often used to describe a website that is small, simple, and does not do much. Lets take a second look at this, find out what 'static' really means when it comes to the web, and find if those limitations are true.
A static website is actually just a website where the views are pre-rendered. Let's define our terms. First, a view is simply a chunk of HTML. This could refer to an entire webpage, or a section of a page. To render a view means to take some data and plug it into some sort of template in order to generate the HTML. So, to pre-render a view means to combine the data and the template to generate the HTML before. But before what? In this case it means before the user requested the page.
A walk through history
Historically (you know, in the ancient times) this was the only way the web worked. The world wide web was a collecti…