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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Collection

Here is a site that shows off my Dungeons and Dragons miniatures collection:

Coconut Crunch

Do you want a crunchy snack without any bread or grains? Here is a recipe for just that using coconut flakes.

Ingredients 1 egg 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp maple syrup 1 tbsp chia seed 1 tbsp flax seed 2 cups sweetened coconut flakes ¼ tsp vanilla extract Pinch of salt

Instructions Thoroughly mix all of the ingredients in a 4 by 8 baking pan. Bake at 300 degrees and take the mixture out to stir every 5 minutes until golden brown. Expect about an hour of cooking time. Allowing it to cool will make it crunchier.
It goes well on it's own as a crunchy snack, as a topping with yogurt or other deserts, or even with a meat such as chicken or bacon.
Need a keto snack? Use unsweetened coconut flakes and skip the maple syrup!

A Free Chapter from the First Time Remodeler's Handbook

I have recently published my first book which is available on Amazon here. Below is a snippet from my book: Chapter 7: Offloading Your Memory

My Board Game Collection

I used Google Sites to create a webpage to display my board game collection. Here it is:

Offloading your Willpower with Google Forms

You know you need to make some change to your daily routine that you don't want to change. Each day you try to force yourself to do it. Every time you fail it becomes a bit more likely that you will fail again. Over time your success rate drops until the change to your daily routine is gone, and you've reverted back to your normal. In this scenario you are fully relying on your will power to do what you do not want to do. Willpower, regardless of how we define it, is not what you want to rely on. If you need to get from point A to point B, you can either setup a process that will lead you to the target by default, or go against the default path and force your way to the target. This would be analogous to swimming up stream versus reversing the flow of the water so that the default direction is in a new direction.

Removing your will power from the conversation is the key to changing a habit. Very rarely does someone go through a personal change that enables them to force themse…