Loving what you do

Everyone should love the things they do and use. These things, whether it is the app on your phone, the book your reading or the place your visiting, have to be created. The world gives us blank canvases everywhere. It has always been my passion to take this blank canvases and create, always with the goal of sharing what has been created.

Sharing what you create

This is essentially an overflow of what I create. Many times it is just an idea, and other times it is reflection on what others have created. However I always have ideas churning, and the passion to share ideas with others.

Sometimes I will actually have something to share, such as when a trip to the Aquarium spawned of the idea for a travel website catered to our weekend trip, a one stop shop for everything we wanted to do. That resulted in this Cincinnati Vacation website, something that others can hopefully benefit from as well.

For everyone to enjoy

In my current career I am a web developer, and that gives me an opportunity to create and share. However I never want to put boundaries around myself, so I inevitably end up creating things outside of that one avenue. This is my way of getting the things I create out to people to enjoy, and also a way to motivate others to do the same: create and share.

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