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Introducing: Weather Bear

Weather apps and I have never had a loving relationship. The information I need is simple. What's the temperature going to be this afternoon or next Wednesday and is it going to rain? For some reason, I never can seem to easily access this information. Weather apps are crowded, ad ridden, and contain more information than I ever need. Yet I cannot find the information I am looking for. Other people do not seem to have this problem, and so I own up to this being a "me problem". After having the "it's not you, it me" talk with the weather app I was using, I decided to make my own. After spending some time fine tuning it I would like to introduce it to the world: Weather Bear . Open Weather Bear Weather Bear can be installed to modern desktop or mobile devices, can be used offline, and provides high contrast and light/dark mode options. It gives you easy access to hourly and daily temperature and weather forecasts as well as a "detailed" mode f

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