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Introducing JTL: JSON Templating Language

What if you could convert json into html? This would allow you to use json as a templating language for html. Alternatively, you could map json data from an api into html markup. Now you can with JTL: JSON Templating Language.
This was a small pet project of mine; something that I thought might be useful down the road. I'm imaging using JTL as an alternative for html templating languages such as lit-html, handlebars, and the like. Instead of writing a component or controller that then gets rendered into html with a template, you simple maintain a json state representation of your component and render the json into html with JTL.
The easiest way to see JTL in action is by visiting the documentation site at It can be installed with npm using the @megazear7/jtl package and the code is open source at A JTL exampleLet's take an example use case to see how you might use JTL. We want to get a list of links from an API and allow the user to …

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