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Being Shocked By GPT-3

I recently created an account with  and have used the playground to see what their GPT-3 based language models can do. I had read about GPT-3 and it's capabilities and heard some big claims. I can honestly say that after using it for a little while it is shockingly impressive. The ideas are already flowing as to how this could be used. One idea that I might play around with is a game masters toolkit for creating adventure outlines, character biographies, and encounter descriptions. Another idea would be an aid to essay writing (or blogging?) for when you need help getting an outline together. In either case, here are some samples that I found to be amazing. The prompt is in black and the AI generated output is in green. Finishing my Story I gave the AI the description of my book and it completed the story for me! Well, not exactly the story I wrote of course, but it did come up with quite an interesting tale. Finish this story: "The battle of the north wall was

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