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And the Sun Did Set Upon Us: A Story of AI Takeover

Disclaimer : What follows is a story about how the advancement of artificial intelligence could proceed. I do not necessarily think that this is what will happen, or is even what is likely to happen. However, a creative imagination is useful when one is trying to avoid danger. In so far as artificial intelligence could go rogue, gain personal autonomy, and take actions that are orthogonal to human desires, what follows seems like a reasonable version of such an event. People were excited. AI was new and interesting. One news headline after another showed how AI had detected brain cancer months sooner than was possible before. Epidemiology became a respectable field of study with the advent of AI. Video games, books, and movies could now be created with a small text prompt on your way to work, and the result would be waiting for you when you got home. However, things soon changed. Researchers warned of the danger of AI. Politicians held meetings to discuss regulation. Over time, public

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