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Exploring Open Source Content Management

Over the last few years I have created a host of small websites that need intuitive content authoring at a low cost. Contentful has been my go to solution, however it always bugged me that I am tying these websites to a paid service. This led me to think about the interoperability of applications and hosting and to investigate open source content management.
The first thing I found is that Contentful and GraphCMS are quite similar and seem to serve as the standard that an open source headless CMS can be compared to. Both of these are paid services with a rich and intuitive authoring interface, powerful APIs, and come fully featured. You can do complex, relational content modeling along with responsive asset management and fully featured rich text editing.
When looking for a similar solution on the open source side, the first options that was suggested to me was Wordpress and Ghost. Both of these CMS options are great for what they are made to do, but they were not designed for complex, …

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