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Are Your Skills up to Date for the Future?

As the future of work develops, it is becoming more and more clear that technology is the driving force that will change the way industries function. To that end, ensuring your skills are up to date is the best way to stay relevant in that uncertain future. There are a number of skills utilized now that will be applicable to the future of work, but an equal number of skills that will not be applicable. Determining today whether or not you have the right skills needed to thrive in the future is about identifying which skills will be the most pertinent. For the most part, tech skills will hold the most value, but it is more than possible that some of the skills you use now will be vital to the future of work. Watch What Students Study Nothing is a better indication of the future of the workforce than the topics being studied by students today. Most of the highest paying career paths for students today, as covered by CollegeChoice , are STEM-based fields that seemingly require technical k

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