Gongga: A Pong Like ASCII Game

 Gonnga: A Pong Like ASCII Game

I worked on an ASCII based pong game that can be played online at gongga.alexlockhart.me and via the terminal. This is going to be the project for a high school level programming class that I am teaching for spring semester. Fun times! It needs more work to be honest but this is what I have working so far. It is also distributed as a web component so it is easy to plug into any web page or web application.

This brings together quite a few of my favorite tried and true technologies, including:
  • Orison for static site generation
  • Service worker for offline availability
  • Web manifest to make it an installable application
  • Netlify for hosting and deployment
  • Node for delivery as a terminal based command
  • Web components for easy plug-n-play ability in any web application

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