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Hosting Harp on Github Pages

Harp is a static site generator that I have recently been learning. As always I start even the smallest projects with hosting and deployment in mind. I looked at the best ways to host Harp and thought about Firebase and Heroku. However I realized that because Harp is a static site generator it might make sense to not use up one of three free tier slots on either Firebase or Heroku and instead use Github pages. In this blog post I will discuss hosting Harp on Github pages. If you have not already it might be beneficial to go back and read by previous blog post on Harp called Getting Started with Harp.
Step 1: Don't use the project initialization Instead simply create the following project directory structure: my-project/src/docs/ Add the following contents to the file: ## My Project Name ### Setup ``` npm install -g harp ``` ### Development ``` harp server src ``` Go to localhost:9000 ### Deployment ```bash harp compile src docs git add . git commit -m "Re…

Getting Started with Harp

In this post we will take a look at the basics of the Harp static site generator. I hope that this will provide a quick foundation for getting up to speed with this simple yet powerful tool. Additionally I plan on posting more blog posts that dive deeper into Harp while also finding ways to integrate Harp with other tools and in other systems.
Assumptionsbash command linenpmgit Getting Started npm install -g harp mkdir pizza-example echo "Hello world"> pizza-example/index.ejs harp server pizza-example Now open up localhost:9000 and see your hello world HarpJS example in action! Harp is converting the ejs template into an html file. Because we did not specify a specific html file in the url it will look for an index file in the same directory. Because we did not provide a path in our url it looks in the root directory of the project. git init git add . git commit -m "Created a hello world Harpjs example." Harp Layouts The first thing we need to do is make a prope…

Crafting the Perfect Pull Request

Checkout my new post on the ICF Olson engineering blog titled, "Crafting the Perfect Pull Request."

The Stranglehold: A D&D 5e Session Report

“Wait! Wait!” Suthra exclaimed as he ran to keep up with Nim and Alaric. “We must take a moment at least and determine what path to take.” They were on the stoney downward slope of the cliffside. They had nearly reached the deep green pine forest that lay between them and the swamp which could be seen in the far distance.

“We must make it south of the swamp and to the Rabbit Warrens as quickly as possible!” Nim replied in a desperate voice. “Alaric and I at least must make it for our home in as straight a course as we are able. We cannot add days to the trip with any other course.”

“Yes but we do not know how far west the swamp extends” Suthra replied. “The quickest course may be eastward towards Oakhurst.”

“That will take us near to the Sunless Citadel” warned Slighter.

“And your point?” questioned Asuryan. “We have been there before. Anyone with half a wit made it out without serious harm.”

“In either case east might be our quickest path and would allow us to resupply and gather new…

Personal Creative Strategy

For as long as I can remember I have always loved being creative. The idea of making movies, video games, and board games was always more exciting than watching or playing those same things. For a long time I would take notes and store them away in a notebook or in a Google Drive document. I would have ideas or I would make proof of concepts and then they would fall into a black hole where they would never see the light of day.

A while back I decided to think more about this. I came up with a personal strategy for my hobbies and various creative endeavors. My goals were to make the things that I create shareable instead of letting them be hidden away forever. Secondly I wanted to make my creativity public in order to force me to actually finish the things I started. Lastly I wanted my creativity to be free and yet directed. I did not want to pre commit to something that I was not sure that I would want to continue and yet I wanted to be able to discover what I spend a lot of creative e…

Mobile Navigation on the Modern Web

For a long time websites have used a top aligned navigation layout. Go to any website and the controls and navigation is almost always at the top of the page. Sometimes this will be in a fixed position so that as the user scrolls down the navigation stays in view. Occasionally websites will have a left aligned navigation system in addition to this. These are usually context specific; the content of the left hand navigation often depends on which page of the website you are on.

This left hand navigation scheme does not work well on mobile devices because horizontal space is at a premium. However the top aligned navigation was an easy transition to mobile design. This is interesting because app development has gone in quite the opposite direction. It has long been understood that putting the most used navigation elements of an app at the top of the screen makes it difficult for the user to reach. As phones have become large this problem has increased. Due to this mobile developers have p…

Visions of Home: A D&D 5e Session Report

At last they approached the ancient door with the key in hand. A shiver could be felt in the air as the door swung open. The stone and iron door creaked and then revealed a long dark staircase. It seemed as though this ancient city descended ever deeper. Out from the depths came a rumbling growl. The same sound could be heard from behind as Nim turned to see another massive lizard perched upon the edge of the cliff across the cavern.

Trapped on both sides they pushed and shoved their way in the door. Slamming it shut, the way was blocked against the first lizard. However now they were trapped in the staircase with the second. It barreled up the stairs out of the deep darkness as Slighter charged forward. He heaved his sword around and rent a bloody crevice in the creatures scale underbelly. The lizard could hardly fit in the double wide stone passage. With difficulty it's tail whipped around and knocked Slighter to his back just as Suthra and Asuryan charged forward to take his pl…

Out From The Deep: A D&D 5e Session Report

Asuryan inspected the iron dwarven door for some time in attempt to break the lock. All his attempt failed however as the other stood by looking on impatiently.

"We must search for the key or some other way in" explained Suthra. His half orc voice echoed throughout the mushroom filled cavern. They scaled the rocky walls in order to reach yet another passage that made it's way under the ancient dwarven city of Khundrukar. Asuryan was up first and then assisted the others with a rope. Last of all came Slighter. As he was being pulled up the cliff face the faint sound of a growl floated lightly along the thick subterranean air. The wolf was still on the prowl.

They searched deep into the caves. At length they came to yet another cavern with many passages leading out. Another growl could be heard, this time loud and clear. However it came from another source as it did not sound like the dire wolf that had been following them for some time now. A sturdy wooden gate blocked o…