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Introducing Dominero

Over the weekend I created a small library for doing one way data binding. Checkout the full documentation at

My goals with this library were the following:
Expressive binding - everything that Dominero does is visible in the markupScoped binding to the provided elementsNested binding of multiple root elementsNamed binding of the same object property name can update different elements. I won't say more here as the documentation site describes the library well enough.

Reviewing My Own Advice

In the last year I have written various blog posts of the "self help" style. I noticed that some of the advice I gave in these blog posts I still do to this day and they have continued to be extremely valuable to me. Others I have discovered to not be as beneficial as I had thought at the time. I would like to go through some of these blog posts and give my updated opinions on the advice that I previously gave.
Managing your Phone Time with Peer Pressure Original post
This is still a big one for me. Being able to know how much time you are on your phone and then setup pressures upon yourself to avoid phone usage is incredibly helpful. The embarrassing text message social pressure might not work for everyone but it certainly will work for some. For others some other form of pressure to not use your phone might be more effective. In either case setting hard limits on your phone usage is something that I think will become more and more necessary as time goes on.
The caveat her…

Creamy Protein Shake: My Favorite Fat Bomb

I previously posted a blog entitled, "Keto Milk Shake Fat Bomb" was focused on making tasty ketogenic ice cream. It doubled as a fat bomb for those that struggle to hit their calorie count while doing a high fat diet. I wanted to post a variation on that which is quicker to make, easier to eat, and get's you more fat for less volume. I have come to call this simply my "Creamy Protein Shake" recipe.
What you will needOne cup of heavy whipping creamTwo tablespoons of ErythritolOne quarter teaspoon of vanilla extractOne serving of protein powder (Optional)A quarter cup of almond milk, milk, or just water What you do Sweeten the heavy whipping cream Begin by sweetening one cup of heavy whipping cream. To do this bring some heavy cream to a boil over the stove top and add in two tablespoons of Erythritol. Allow this to boil for 3 minutes and continue to stir for the entire duration. You will likely need to raise the pan off of the stove at times to allow the boiling…

Harp: A Static Site Generator Review

I have recently done a series of blog posts on the Harp static site generator. I would like to finish off this series by doing a review of Harp. I'll give you the pros, cons and then the use cases of this static site generator.
Pros Harp is opinionated with regards to what technologies you want to use. The set is strictly limited to Jade, Markdown, and EJS for your server side html rendering; Sass, Less, and Stylus for CSS preprocessing; and CoffeeScript as a compile-to-JavaScript option. Of course you can also use plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is good if a set of these technologies fit into your desired tech stack as there is no configuration necessary - these just work out of the box. They are also all easy to learn and so should not be a barrier to developers who do not have experience with them.
Additionally Harp has inherently structured metadata that is directly associated to the structure of the content of your webpages. This provides the ability to create cont…

Harp Project Organization

I have written a series of blog posts on Harp, the static site generator. I want to begin to wrap up this series of blog posts by talking about project organization in Harp. After this blog I will write up one more with some concluding thoughts in the tool. If Harp is brand new to you it might be helpful to first read Getting Started with Harp. Otherwise read on and I'll explain some of the basics that every project will need to cover and then at the end I will go over some concepts that I developed for myself that greatly helped me keep my project organized. Site Content In my previous blog post, Hosting Harp on Github Pages, we decided to create two directories in the root of the project: my-project/src/docs/ As explained in that blog post this allows us to compile the src code into a docs folder that can be used on any web server. That made it easy for us to host on Github pages but it would be a fairly similar process to host the docs directory on other web servers. Metadata I…

Managing your Phone Time with Peer Pressure

What would you do with an extra 45 days per year?

I have recently felt the need to manage the time that I spend on my phone. Feeling the constant urge to check status updates on some form of social media, check the news, or scroll mindlessly through endless scrolls like YouTube is not a great feeling. However the more you use these apps the more the desire to waste time on them becomes. Now I am not on much social media and I do put limits on my phone usage, however I felt the need for more awareness and self control over my phone.

So how did I solve the problem of technology addiction? With an app of course. I installed QualityTime. This lets you set certain times of the day or week where it blocks the use of your phone as well as gives you information each day and week about your phone usage. This includes how much time you have spent in total as well as in each app. I also set up a notification to alert me if I spent more than an hour on my phone in a day.

An hour might sound like a…

Keto Milk Shake Fat Bomb

For quite some time I have been trying to come up with a keto fat bomb that I can stomach. This would essentially be a high calorie food that is pure fat. That is it has essentially no carbohydrates or protein. The reason to consume a fat bomb is to increase total calories on a ketogenic diet where your total carbohydrates have to be very low and your total protein cannot be excessive.

I have struggled with this because most the recipes I have found I have to force down. I am also have a sensitive stomach and so forcing food down that I do not want to eat becomes problematic. I have use primary ingredients such as coconut oil, coconut shavings, and flax seed in order to come up with a fat bomb and also have followed many recipes that I found online. All of these resulted in a food that I did not really want to eat and could not eat regularly.

I then discovered the miracles of heavy cream and it's use in a ketogenic diet. I started with using it in coffee and then moved to making h…

Breadcrumbs Component in Harp

So far I have written up two blog posts on the Harp static site generator. The first is Getting Started with Harp which provides a quick overview of all the main features of Harp and will get you going quickly. Then I wrote up Hosting Harp on Github Pages for getting your static site up for the world to see. Now that I have the setup, development, and deployment pieces out of the way I would like to start discussing some more interesting things you can do with the Harp static site generator.

In this blog post we are going to create a breadcrumbs component. We can essentially look at this from two angles. First we can consider the content that the breadcrumbs component will render and secondly we can look at the implementation that will generate the markup. The content will come in the form of _data.json and ejs files within a directory hierarchy. The implementation will come in the form of a contextual partial which will render the breadcrumbs based on the current location within the…