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The Sunless Citadel: A D&D 5e Session Report

Nimlothiel the elf druid, Kimora the human sorcerer and Rasroth Nethezar the dragonborn paladin adventure into the famed Sunless Citadel in search of fame, glory, and treasure.

Rasroth led the novice adventurers into the ancient, sunken citadel. A rotten smell hung in the humid air as they entered through the rubble filled courtyard. Nim fell through the broken floor, sending out an echo through the halls of the citadel. The fall did her no harm, but the adventurers were unnerved that any goblin or kobold tribes that lived here, as the stories were told, would now be alerted to their presence. The bravely proceeded into the dark citadel in search of the treasure that the local legends and myths spoke of.

They entered a round room with two other doors. A bloody seen must have unfolded in the days prior, as three goblins lay rotting on the ground, and one still dripped blood, pinned to the wall by a spear. The bodies were clearly looted. The reality of battle began to set in on the novice…

The Vanilla Javascript Component Pattern

I started delving into web components about a year ago. I really liked the idea of getting a reference to a custom element and then calling methods and setting values right on the custom element. After that I looked into Polymer 3.0, which layered on a number of conveniences and best practices. These specifically came in the area of templating, life cycle management, and property / attribute reflection. I proceeded away from Polymer 3.0 to using lit-element, and then finally just lit-html. I continued this process of stripping away the technologies while leaving the patterns, schemes, and best practices that I had learned. What I arrived at is something of a Vanilla Javascript Component Pattern (I might need a more specific name).

This pattern doesn't even use web components, as I wanted something that could be deployed across browsers without polyfills or any additional code that would need delivered to the browser. Not that this is difficult, or should be a barrier to usage of …

Creature Clash: A Skirmish Miniatures Game

I had an idea for a truly skirmish level miniatures game with simple rules, quick play, and where any miniatures, game board, or terrain could be used. Here are the living rules, and I've provided the game description below. I also have a growing list of creatures that are available to be used in the game.

A free to play skirmish miniatures game where disparate creatures of all forms and allegiances team up in an epic clash of might and magic. Choose your four heroes, assign them power levels, and use there action combinations to vanquish your foes in glorious combat.

Each character has a movement attribute, a strength attribute, a range attribute, and a speed attribute along with 6 actions that determine how long until there next action and what there defense will be during that time. Roll dice based on the characters power level, pick an action to perform, and move them along the action track based on the speed. Some actions will be powerful but slow, others will be powerful and f…

How to Enjoy the Taste of Any Food

My friends and family have always thought of me as someone who hates eating vegetables. Growing up, my brother and I would always be the kids at the family reunion or holiday party with a plate of meat and bread, or for me, maybe just bread. When I met my now wife, my lack of taste for vegetables was something of topic to poke fun at. Many people still think this way about me, even if now, it couldn't be further from the truth.

I made a concerted effort some years ago to expand my tastes specifically in regards to vegetables that I had previously disliked. I had some success with things like brussels sprouts, asparagus and basic salads. However I hit something of a wall for a long time with expanding my tastes until I made a lifestyle and diet change that unintentionally affected my progress in this area.
I started eating one meal a day as apart of my somewhat extreme decision to start doing a one meal a day Keto diet (more on that at another time!). While eating one meal a day, o…

Kewl Programming Language

I recently was recently listening to a talk from the ConFoo Developer Conference and started to have some ideas on what a new programming language could look like. Most of what I have written up here is an example and / or extension of what is discussed in that video. While I don't agree with everything he says about JavaScript, I do find some of his suggestions extremely valuable.

I listed some things that I would like it to do and then I wrote some example code from this as of now not real programming language:

Spaces in identifiers.Setting a value uses a colon.Values are constant be default unless the 'var' modifier is used.Comparing a value uses an equal sign.Blocks of code are distinguished with curly braces.Functions are called with the '()' operator.Functions are first class citizens.A function can be handled asynchronously by using the -> operator.Everything is an object and can be defined using a JSON equivalent format.
// The 'Kewl' programming l…

Renaissance of Role Play

I have start writing what looks like will turn into my next book. Currently I have no title and no directed purpose other than to recount the events of a six year long roleplaying campaign. It took place in a home grown fantasy setting using the Hackmaster ruleset. The campaign was something of a renaissance of role play for the group. Long before we had many years of a consistent third edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and had after that played in various groups at various times with various rules, but never had a consistent group, with a consistent campaign, using a single set of rules.

It started out with my addiction to the tenants of Hackmaster; the simple rules, the count up system, the harsh combat. I convinced the group to give it a try, and we managed to get the original group back together. Over the months it turned into a regular event, and has been semi regular ever sense. My father and I took turns being the Dungeon Master. A whole new world was created and explored,…

Hand Lettering with Mikayla Lockhart

Check out an short interview I did with my wife on here recent experience learning hand lettering: Hand Lettering with Mikayla Lockhart

What and Why: Server Side Rendering

This is meant to be an intro into server side rendering, starting from the ground up. I recently found myself discussing this topic with someone who was just learning programming, and more specifically just learning web development and html. He had created static html files by hand and displayed static content in those html files. He also had dabbled into css and had started to see the power of the combination of those two technologies. Javascript, what it is, how to use it, and it's purpose was still foreign to this individual, and the purpose of "the server" was still an ambiguous concept.

Maybe you are in a similar place as a beginner to web development. Or potentially you have become an expert in certain area's of modern web development, and need to discover the reason web development looks the way it does in 2018. Lastly, you may also find yourself trying to explain concepts that seem basic to you and you may take for granted the purpose for some of the differen…