The Sunless Citadel: A D&D 5e Session Report

Nimlothiel the elf druid, Kimora the human sorcerer and Rasroth Nethezar the dragonborn paladin adventure into the famed Sunless Citadel in search of fame, glory, and treasure.

Rasroth led the novice adventurers into the ancient, sunken citadel. A rotten smell hung in the humid air as they entered through the rubble filled courtyard. Nim fell through the broken floor, sending out an echo through the halls of the citadel. The fall did her no harm, but the adventurers were unnerved that any goblin or kobold tribes that lived here, as the stories were told, would now be alerted to their presence. The bravely proceeded into the dark citadel in search of the treasure that the local legends and myths spoke of.

They entered a round room with two other doors. A bloody seen must have unfolded in the days prior, as three goblins lay rotting on the ground, and one still dripped blood, pinned to the wall by a spear. The bodies were clearly looted. The reality of battle began to set in on the novices, who had never actually seen goblins before.

Onward they went, attempting to carefully and quietly open the ancient stone doors without making too much additional noise. They entered room after room in the exploration, and eventually entered into a large room with the remnants of a massive fire, and an iron gate that had one side broken out. A kobold stood in the corner weeping, "they took him, they took the dragon!" it cried, oblivious to the dragonborn, elf, and human that had just walked into the room.

Clearing his tears, he approached the Rasroth, "Will you..." his voice trailed as he wiped away his tears and cleared his through, "will you help me find the dragon?"

The conversation with the kobold, Meepo was his name, drug on and on as he would fall into tearful fits. Eventually he convinced the adventurers to speak to his master Yesdrel. "Just down the hall he is, just down the hall!"

Meepo led them down through the territory of the kobolds. Guards stood at any entrance into their territory. "Tickle corn!" Meepo would screech as he passed the guards. "Some code of passage?" thought Rasroth as he was led to the kobold master Yesdrel. They entered into a large hall with many pillars. Yesdrel sat on a wooden throne with a altar dedicated to dragons behind him. Rasroth approached and bowed, "A pleasure to kneel in the presence of Yesdrel, master of kobolds. Meepo has told me that you are missing a baby dragon?"

Yesdrel replied, a dozen armored kobold guards standing down the length of the hall, "Will you retrieve it from the goblins, those worthless creatures pay no respect to power!"

"Certainly, oh Yesdrel" Came Rasroth's reply, "But I will need the assistance of my companions, and they will need a reward for such a brave journey into the goblin territory."

Yesdrell offered up two items from his altar. Kimorer's sorcerous eyes lit as he saw the pile of scrolls. Meepo led the adventurers into the goblin territory, deeper into the sunless citadel. A swarm of giant rats ran down the hall, biting and scratching as they went. Rasroth stood in the way and dispatched them one by one, protecting his companions. They continued to proceed into the citadel, through dark passages and ancient rooms, and came to a long unused fountain that lay across from a well aged stone door carved with dragons. Rasroth opened the door and there lay five sarcophagus along with a black altar with a burning candle. "Meepo, go check out the candle" ordered Rasroth.

Meepo sheepishly obeyed, returning with no useful report. Kimorer stepped up to the door, waved his hands, and made a grabbing motion. Suddenly the candle was lifted into mid air. At the same time the sarcophagus exploded open, and five skeletons jumped out and charged the door. Rasroth slammed the door closed with a great plan. Allowing the skeletons to push against the door he swung it open and let loose his poisonous dragon breath, covering the skeletons. The undead creatures cared not about the poison, swinging their swords, hacking there way out of the room. The battle ensued, Rasroth traded mace for sword with the skeletons, dispatching two before the wounds were too great for him to withstand. He fell to the ground, not even his Paladin's blessings could sustain him through the injury. Kimorer and Nim cast spell after spell against the undead creatures, bringing an end to them.

They barricaded themselves into the room using the sarcophagi, needing to recover from their wounds.

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