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PWA Starter Kit with Netlify and a Custom Domain

Below are the steps I followed to integrate the PWA Starter Kit with Netlify and a Custom Domain:
Create GitHub projectClone the PWA Starter Kitgit clone --depth 1 my-appgit remote remove origingit remote add origin<your-github-username>/<your-repo>git push -f origin masterPersonalize package.jsonpolymer.jsonmanifest.jsonindex.html<title>several meta fieldsappTitle attributeRename <my-app> elementRename "my-app" in src/components/my-appCreate Netlify projectChoose to integrate with GitHubChoose to configure Netlify on Github and allow Netlify to have access to your GitHub projectUpdate the build command to be npm run build:staticUpdate the publish directory to be build/esm-bundledAdd custom urlGo to domain management in Netlify and add custom domain.Follow the steps that Netlify provides.This will likely include adding a CNAME record to your domain name provider.Add a _redirects file with …

My Top 10 Board Games

I am a tabletop gamer threw and threw. While roleplaying games and miniature games have accounted for a lot of my play time, board games are certainly my favorite. They promote social interaction, help people break out of their shell, are versatile for many different types of crowds, and great for many kinds of occasions. The board gaming world has seen an explosion in the past decade, and now some 18 thousand board games are ranked on "The Geek". Games have become better produces, with stunning artwork, and streamlined gameplay. However many older games still stand the test of time in a way that other forms of entertainment often struggle to do. With the decade behind us, I wanted to share my own top 10 board games of all time.

Number 10: Splendor
Splendor fits into a unique category of games where the shear brilliance of the game mechanics takes the forefront. Turns are quick and choices are limited, and yet every action you take delicately effects the choices of every ot…