To The Moon! A Gravity Sim Game

For the past few months I have been endlessly obsessed with SpaceX's Starship. The SN15 test launch is just incredible to watch. After watching every video and interview I could find on the subject in an attempt to quench my thirst, I decided it would be fun to do some sort of a gravity simulation. Building things often is the best way for me to regain control of obsessions.

The result was To the Moon, a gravity simulation where you can use thrusters to leave earth, enter orbit around the moon, and even go to other planets! Okay... well, it's really just a poor man's version of Kerbal Space Program (read: very poor version). Yet, it was fun to make, taught me a few things about the difference between "going up" and actually getting into orbit, and gives some intuition on relative motion.

So give it a try and go... To The Moon!

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