Introducing: Weather Bear

Weather apps and I have never had a loving relationship. The information I need is simple. What's the temperature going to be this afternoon or next Wednesday and is it going to rain? For some reason, I never can seem to easily access this information. Weather apps are crowded, ad ridden, and contain more information than I ever need. Yet I cannot find the information I am looking for.

Other people do not seem to have this problem, and so I own up to this being a "me problem". After having the "it's not you, it me" talk with the weather app I was using, I decided to make my own. After spending some time fine tuning it I would like to introduce it to the world: Weather Bear.

Weather Bear can be installed to modern desktop or mobile devices, can be used offline, and provides high contrast and light/dark mode options. It gives you easy access to hourly and daily temperature and weather forecasts as well as a "detailed" mode for providing additional weather information. These options can be toggled with the buttons at the bottom of the app.

If you find Weather Bear useful, please consider supporting the app!

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