The Assault on Khundrukar: A D&D 5e Session Report

The battle raged on in the depths of Khundrukar. Slighter charged towards one of the open passages  meeting two orcs that attempted a flank attack. Asuryan could be seen here and there, but he was never in one place for long. His flurry of attacks would blind side an orc, then he disappeared amongst the piles of crates and barrels that stood piled high in the cave. Then he would appear behind the half ogre to land a strike of his staff on it's head before slinking back into the shadows.

Nim in bear form battled the half ogre back for a moment as Suthra landed his hammer on it's spine. The ogre arched backwards and fell motionless to the floor. Another orc climbed over the bodies that lay strewn upon the floor. It landed a grievous blow upon Suthra. He withstood the shock of the attack as blood flowed down his chest. The orcs began chanting as they fought. Their orcish language could not be understood by most, but the chanted name of "Awlf" could be perceived by all. A guttural voice echoed down the passage. An ogre appeared down the dimly lit rocky cave passage. It held two great axes, similar to the half ogre that came before it but of a more terrifying size.

Alaric stood in the mist of the chaos chanting words of healing that strengthened his companions. However his magic draining him. Exhausted he fell to the floor on his knees. A whistle could be heard faintly in the midst of the chaos. The whistling sound came to an end as an arrow thudded into his ribcage. He fell over clutching his side as he crawled towards another cave passage that led away from the battle. Slighter and Asuryan having dispatched now charged the other side to attack the orc archer. Passage after passage they defended as Suthra and Nim battled the ogre.

Slighter now charged the ogre and landed a great blow against it. It returned the favor with a kick and a stomp and Slighter flew back, he lay unmoving on the ground. Now Asuryan was engaged in battle with the source of a the growl: a dire wolf had now come. At a great length the ogre was slain and the dire wolf slunk back into the depths of the cave.

The drums still sounded in the darkness of the cave. They hurried back to the area in which they had originally descended down into Khundrukar. The bear drug Slighter by its jaws. Once back in the cave Nim transformed back into her elven form. Quickly they hauled Slighter to the surface and all followed behind in their escape.

It was dark. Night had set. With as much speed as they could manage Suthra led them South into the woods. The following morning Slighter awoke and was not the only one with serious injuries. Courana and Geradil, the two prisoners that they had rescued from the orcs, worked their own healing abilities on the various wounds. Morning passed and Courana and Geradil had assumed that they would be off South to escape these orcish lands. However the adventurers could not be deterred from finishing what they had started. Asuryan convinced the two women to follow them back into Khundrukar in order to help put a stop to the orcish raids.

Suthra now led them back north. Seeing orc activity upon the rockish chimney where they had descended the previous day, Suthra led them wide around that area in search of the main entrance to the underground complex. They found an ancient stone path of dwarven make. Following it they came to a wide smooth wall in the rocky hillside. Arrow slits could be seen in the wall along with a stone door that stood open. The sneaking wolf could be seen passing into the doors.

Slighter burst from their hiding place explaining how they must make for the door while it is open, lest thy find no way back into the orcish stronghold. The others followed. The entered back into the ancient dwarven city. Quickly they discovered that this new entrance led back to the great bridged chasm that they had found the previous day. In the depths of Khundrukar they readied their weapons. Their assault on the remnants of the orcs would soon begin.

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