The Wyrmling and The Poor Decision: A D&D 5e Session Report

They continued deeper into the goblin territory in search of the wyrmling. Rasroth led them on at a quick pace against wiser council. The noise of the hulking dragonborn was not contained. One of the many doors they passed by opened. A goblin jumped forth, splitting the group in two. Asuryan deflected the goblin attack with his staff and returned the favor with a straight kick that launched the goblin into the door.

Before his companions had time to assist, two more goblins climbed over the body of the first. The twirling staff of the monk collided with one of the goblins as Asuryan spun, evading the thrusting sword of other. The goblin's head exploded in blood and brain matter.

The last goblin stood alone, surrounded by the five invaders. In a desperate frenzy it launched itself towards Asuryan as a series of fiery spells leapt from the hands of Nim and Kimora. Wounded, but still alive, the monk finished the job with an uppercut that put the goblin to the ground. Asuryan picked up a dagger that one of the goblins had attacked him with, the fine make of the dagger impressing him.

"Prepare yourself" announced Rasroth, "the door is frosted." He stood at the front of the group, ready to open the next door in search of the wyrmling. Opening the door, he what at one time was a well put together room with various hunting trophies adorning the walls, along with tables, desks and bookshelves. Now however it was a mess, having been recently torn apart. A chain anchored to the ground lay in the center of the room.

Whatever was attached to the chain had broken free. Stepping into the room, a white dragon wyrmling leapt from behind one of the over turned tables. Rasroth deflected it's bite with his shield, and returned the attack with his own. The wyrmling ducked under the blow.

Asuryan followed Rasroth into the room, pummeling the wyrmling's tender lower side with his staff. The dragon turned toward Asuryan, letting loose an icy breath attack that blast him back some ten feet. Crashing to the floor, Asuryan lay motionless. Kimora stepped up to the open door of the room, casting a lightning incantation that incapacitated the wyrmling.

Elwin rushed to the aid of the fallen Asuryan, assisting him to his feet and providing his healing blessing to the monk. Rasroth quickly chained up the wyrmling and began dragging it back towards the kobold territory, as was their mission, as the rest of the adventurers looted the goblin treasures from the room.

Some time passed, not without a few ambushes from the goblin's. However at long last they reached the kobold king's hall. Rasroth drug the chained wyrmling to the feet of the king and bowed low, "we have recovered your stolen wyrmling from the filthy goblins. My companions request their promised recompense for their brave and successful mission."

"Come, take any two items from my treasure, as was promised." Yesdrel replied.

What comes next in this tale, we still cannot explain; a moment of stupidity, an overwhelming guilt for assisting the evil kobolds, or a instant of dragon rage. All of these or none of these, we will never know. The kobolds had gathered around to see the wyrmling, some fourteen of them. Rasroth, the dragonborn, saw the grouped up kobolds. In an inexplicable moment he let fourth his poisonous breath against the creatures. In shock Yesdrel, Asuryan, Kimora, Nim, and Elwin looked on as the crowd of kobolds were concealed in a poisonous mist. Out from the mist charged the kobolds, hardly effected by what we can only assume Rasroth had intended on killing the kobolds.

Yesdrel launched a fiery flame incantation against Kimora, Asuryan, and Rasroth before thrusting his dagger toward Asuryan, who quickly deflected the attacks and pummeled the kobold into submission.  Drawing the dagger that he had previously taken from the goblins, he put it at the throat of the kobold king and turned to see his companions being attacked my the kobold swarm. Kimora and Rasroth fell quickly being ravaged by the kobolds. Nim, isolated from the others, fell to the ground pleading for mercy.

With his dagger to the kings throat, Asuryan threatened death as he walked through the crowd, demanding the kobolds open a path. Elwin called for a blessing of protection upon them as they made their way to the growing kobold horde, as the whole tribe was gathering in the hall. Slowly they made their way through the citadel, the kobolds not daring to risk the life of their king. The bloody bodies of Kimora and Rasroth were ripped to shreds. Nim was drug viciously by the kobolds, yet alive. Eventually Asuryan and Elwin made their way to the exit of the citadel with the incapacitated Yesdrel still in hand. The kobolds dared not to leave their home, as Asuryan and Elwin escaped into the forest.

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