My About Me Website

Recently I have created the website: I wanted a place to list out a portfolio of work, have a live and up to date resume, but also be an archive of my projects that I have completed and am in progress on.

I have wanted a website like this for a while but never had the creative freedom to get past the problems I was facing in setting it up. One of my requirements was to not use a website building tool, as I had ideas around how to create a small scale content management system (CMS) and wanted to do both my own website and prove out this idea at the same time.

Firebase ended up being my hosting platform, and Firestore is what I used as a database for the beginnings of my CMS solution. In addition to this the website is a single page application (SPA), you can see this by clicking around on it's navigation and noticing that the page does not refresh. One problem with SPA's is deep linking, but I have design the solution to include deep linking to other pages by default. Lastly, I made this as a progressive web app (PWA), which means that users on modern devices can install the website as a full blown app of it's own, and can even access the app or website while offline. I have begun explaining how I have done all of this on my recent blog post about the Fire CMS Paradigm.

I currently have my resume on the website, the rough beginnings of a portfolio, and a brief description of the books that I have either wrote or are in the progress of writing. I have plans for doing a live health statistics section where my daily health and nutrition can be tracked and the historical results can be seen. I also have this blog linked on the website as well, with the most recent blog posts being pulled in.

I plan on doing a series future blog posts in two different directions. First, how I am leveraging my personal website from a creative perspective. Secondly, how I am building it from a technological perspective.

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