Let There Be Fire: a D&D 5e Session Report

"Is their anything in the pool?" Rasroth asks timidly, safely peering from behind the stone corner. They happened upon a fountain in which their was a dragon statue extending from the wall, and a pool of water beneath it.

"Just some words carved into the stone, in draconic" replied Kimora, "It says: Nainaya!" Suddenly, grinding stone could be heard echoing throughout the chamber. Then, a red liquid poured out of the dragon statues mouth. At length, Kimora speaks up, "it seems to be safe, come forward."
Asuryan immediately pulls out empty flasks from his rucksack and captures some of the liquid.
"What are you doing?" asks Elwin.

"I have seen many potions and powerful substances" said Asuryan, "I don't know what this does, but it will be worth finding out later."

Rasroth stood guard near the open passage that led on into the depths, "We'll need to check these doors, the seems to be a series of storage rooms."

One by one Rasroth and Asuryan kicked open the doors to find trash piled in behind. Rathroth spoke up on the last door before kicking it open, "More rats I bet!" he said.

They simultaneously opened the final set of doors, and a series of giant rats poured out. Asuryan was able to pin a few to the ground before they could swarm through, killing them as the attempted to bite and scratch back. Rasroth slashed to and fro with his sword, as a host of magic came from Nimlothliel, Kimora, and Elwin.

Leading on, Rasroth motioned Kimora forward, "Why don't you go check out that dragon fountain ahead, but don't read it this time if it has words on it!" They discovered a similar fountain down the passage.

Crossing the room, Kimora had to make a wide arc around the center, "There are hidden pits beneath the room, watch your step!" Having crossed the room Kimora peers into the pool, "It reads, let their be death" he read, in draconic. A blast of fire came from the statue as Kimora was thrown to his back.

At the same time, a host of ratmen burst through a door on the other side of the room. Knowing about the traps the circled the room. One of them, a fat, bloated rat, commanded the smaller skinny ratmen that charged forward. The battle did not last long, as Nimlothliel and Asuryan dispatched the first few in quick order and then Kimora launched a missile of fire from his hands that set the bloated rat aflame.

Raiding the diseased ratmen's home through the door, Asuryan discovered a host of gold coins and valuable gems, along with a single gold ring.

"Let's pocket this, and move on" said Elwin, "We shouldn't remain down this way for long."
They searched further down into the network of passages, and came to a room that had a low wall built through the middle of it that didn't extend to the ceiling.

"Careful" said Rasroth as he crossed the room, who then yelped in pain and grabbed his foot, dropping his sword. Looking down, they could see the floor littered with razor wire. At the same time a group of goblins stood up from their hiding place behind the wall, and launched a series of arrows, most aimed at Rasroth.

Asuryan and druid charged as Elwin and Kimora launched spells over their heads that crashed into the goblin wall like a wave of flame. At length Rasroth joined the melee and the goblins were killed, but not without a number of wounds to the charging combatants.

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